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Minskoff Theatre | New York, New York

The Lion King

Marvel at the impressive strutting giraffes, soaring birds, and bounding gazelles that surround this Circle of Life! Carrying on with its North American Tour, The Lion King Musical presents a live performance at the Minskoff Theatre on Tuesday 14th November 2023! Showcasing a vast ensemble of world-class performers, the outstanding costume design, colorful carved masks, and intricate make-up design will carry you to the scenery and panoramas of the African savannah! Arriving this approaching fall, relive the heartwarming and touching tale of Simba and his journey toward embracing his intended role as the mighty King of the Pridelands. Take hold of this opportunity to finally see the theatrical masterpiece that has received six Tony Awards, among them Best Musical and Best Costume Design, alongside above 70 prominent art awards across the decades! Experience this show at the splendid stage in New York, New York you and your companions can enjoy an untamed visual encounter. Don't wait—reserve your admission right now!

The Broadway version of the acclaimed musical just observed its 25th anniversary. From its official launch at the New Amsterdam Theatre, the production has undertaken 28 tours around the globe, with shows that have been witnessed by over 110 million audiences.

Everyone is well acquainted with the narrative of the endearing lion cub Young Simba, who sets out on his journey on the savannah. The animated Disney children's favorite is portrayed to life on stages internationally, recounting the saga of the animals that truly reign over the land in Africa as they fight to survive.

This production will showcase life-size lions, leopards, elephants, and giraffes. The actors, many of whom are using puppets, operate costumes that embody a wide range of animals. Certain of the performers walk beneath or alongside the puppets, while others completely embody their characters.

The New York Times reveals that over the show's 2 hours and 40 minutes, there will be several instances of "stunning beauty and innovative set design that is realized by means of imaginative methods ranging from shadow puppetry to Bunraku." The evaluation goes on to assert that undoubtedly, nowhere before on Broadway has there been a true-to-life stampede of wildebeests or a animated herd of gazelles skimming the veldt that have been portrayed with such jaw-dropping assurance.

Only the finest live entertainment shows are shown at the Minskoff Theatre in New York. With outstanding acoustics and an engaging stage, the venue in New York will provide the ideal setting for an memorable Lion King adventure.
Join the Pride and engage in the Circle of Life in all its awe-inspiring glory!

The Lion King at Minskoff Theatre

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