The Lion King at Minskoff Theatre

The Lion King Tickets

Minskoff Theatre | New York City, New York

Don’t let the slow Friday routines get you down, especially since The Lion King will be coming to Minskoff Theatre in Manhattan New York for a live theatrical performance. This astounding evening of entertainment will feature some of the unrivalled performers on this side of the country with their unique blend of theatrical training and cultural influence which makes this Friday 27th December 2019 the best chance you have at experiencing elegance, style, and raw talent and passion. The Lion King draws in sold-out crowds at most of their shows and win new fans at every appearance. Already critics are calling this event the can’t-miss-show of 2019. So if you want to break away from your dull Friday routines, then Minskoff Theatre has the solution for you. Click the Buy Tickets button below to make sure you can catch The Lion King live on Friday 27th December 2019 at Minskoff Theatre in Manhattan. Tickets are already selling out so make sure you don’t miss out on the conversation and order your tickets today.

The Lion King at Minskoff Theatre

Social media accounts across the everywhere are lit up with the news of The Lion King performing in Manhattan in December 2019. Nothing beats the energy of an astonishing live theatre show. Absolutely when it comes to The Lion King as it's common knowledge all their previous performances have lead spectators to announce it was the theatre show of the year. We recommend you savor the live theatre experience with friends and your family. So ensure take along your close friends and relations and share this outstanding theatre event – Minskoff Theatre definitively has plentiful seats for everyone! Help put Manhattan on the map for best theatre of 2019! Click the buy tickets link above to select your seats today using the secure and simple to use online ticket booking system.

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