The Lion King at Minskoff Theatre

The Lion King Tickets

Minskoff Theatre | New York City, New York

The lights go out. You and hundreds of other fans are holding your breath in anticipation. Your heart is going to explode, you can feel your smile growing bigger and bigger. BAM! The lights are on, your eyes wide open as if they’re drinking the moment, your hands up in the air as if reaching for the stage. In this brief moment nothing else exists – just you and the emotion. This is what you will experience on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 seeing the ONE AND ONLY The Lion King live at Minskoff Theatre. It is not just about the entertainment. It is about the emotion. And The Lion King sure know how to deliver! Give yourself a night that will make your heart pound. Those are the moments we live for.

The Lion King at Minskoff Theatre

Awesome entertainment has finally come back to Manhattan, New York on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 when the Minskoff Theatre plays host to The Lion King. This marks the latest chapter in this venue’s history of bringing thrilling and breathtaking shows straight to this beautiful city and fans have taken notice. That’s because the Minskoff Theatre does more than just bring the best local and national stars to their venue, but they offer patrons and guests the most demanded benefits that you can only find there. From secure parking just around the corner, you’ll be able to enjoy restaurants and bars on the same street and block so you can experience fine dining before or after the show. The venue itself also deserves every award and appearance on top ten lists across this side of the country with their comfortable seating, elegant decor and atmosphere, and wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Let’s not forget that the sound and lighting design at this venue keeps you closer to the action no matter where you’re seated in the stands. So, if you want to enjoy an authentic and amazing premiere then don’t delay. Click the Buy Tickets button below to buy your tickets today.

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