To ensure the best possible experience of all guests at the Minskoff Theatre, the theatre management operates several venue policies, outlined below. Please read through these and observe them during your visit – remember, these are in place for the comfort and most importantly, the safety of you and other guests.


Animals are typically not permitted within the theatre, but exceptions will be made for assistance animals such as guide dogs. Please contact the venue prior to your visit to ensure your individual needs are met.


All guests wishing to purchase alcoholic beverages will be required to present a valid form of ID, such as a passport, driving license, or military ID. Guests deemed to be acting in an intoxicated or disorderly manner may be refused alcohol. Aggression or abuse towards staff will not be tolerated, and management reserve the right to escort any guest deemed to be detrimental to others’ experience or safety to leave the premises.

Food And Drink

Outside food and drink is not permitted in the Minskoff Theatre. Drinks and snacks are available in the theatre lobby.

Restricted Items

The following items are not permitted within the Minskoff Theatre; Large bags or backpacks, cameras (with detachable lenses, professional audio or video recording equipment.

Mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices must remain switched off or on silent mode throughout the duration of the performance.

Simply be respectful and mindful of the others around you and most importantly – enjoy the show!

For a brief history on Minskoff Theatre and for more information, please visit the Minskoff Theatre information page.